Hello, my name is Gideon - I love inventing or building web things!

I like creating the web

Skills & Experience

Web Application Architect

Web application architecture is a skill I developed over time. I worked on many small and large scale systems. At the moment, I am particularly interested in architectures which require rapid scaling capabilities. I worked with and solved problems for various industries like library, transportation, agriculture, emergency services and marketing. I also had the privilege of working for companies all over the world, giving me a broad understanding of how other countries solve problems.

Software Engineer

Software engineering is something I enjoy doing and I just happen to get paid for it. I enjoy working in the OpenSource camp, but I value the enterprise approach. I endeavour to complete projects at a quick pace, but without compromising quality and maintainability. Right now I am mostly using PHP and I am also a certified Zend PHP Engineer.

  Zend Certified Engineer Profile

Development Team Leader

This is a new role for me, but I have managed to hit the ground running. I have grown tremendously as a person since taking on a position as team leader and I feel I also have a broader view of business priorities when it comes to the architecture of business systems. I managed to stabilise a troubled project and get a team of developers back on track in my first four weeks in the role.

Scrum Master

I am a certified SCRUM Master and Certified SCRUM Professional. SCRUM has been part of my life for years now and I have implemented SCRUM for several companies since I was first introduced to it. Having people on your team who understand SCRUM is always a great idea.

  Scrum Alliance Member Profile

Soft Skills


I have focused on this skill quite a bit in my job function as team leader. Being a leader can be tough at times and I have learned that you also need to be able to inspire, gain trust, have control over your own emotions and focus on other people's needs more than your own.


Being able to adapt is a big part of my career and also my home life. I have had to make many challenging changes to keep my health and also to move forward in my career.

 Read: Switch Wrote by: Chip Heath, Dan Heath


I am very proud of the fact that I have great command of two languages, English and Afrikaans. Afrikaans is my home language, but I have no problem switching over to English at a drop of a hat. I would love to add more languages.

 Speak, Read, Write: English, Afrikaans


Problem-solving is part of my job, but I also extend this to many other areas of my life. I base my problem solving on a healthy mix of logic and emotion and I know when to ask for help to find the best solutions.

 Completed: Science of Everyday Thinking - The University of Queensland (Australia)

Conflict Resolution

I used to solve a conflict by being the lesser and not really resolving the problem. I have grown since then and I now try to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes to resolve whatever conflict I am faced with. It is probably one of the skills I want to develop more than any other.

 Completed: Managing Conflict with Fred Kofman


These days we all communicate in the workplace by email and connect with friends via Facebook (etc). Although they are all great, I still enjoy having a lot of face time with colleagues and meeting up with friends. I enjoy communication where I get to use all my senses.


I take my health seriously. I am a non-smoker and I eat as healthy as I possibly can. My wife and I adopted a daily exercise routine and we are both committed to better health. I realised that being in the IT profession can cause serious health risks and we have to be extra careful.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Collaboration is high on my list of priorities when I choose people I want to work with. I love a fun, engaging team environment with a lot of communication and skill sharing. I can also work and be creative on my own, but I am not the "sit in the corner and do your work" kind of person.


Home Digitisation Project

My digital home project was a project of desperation and would end up taking me down a 4 year long journey of going “digital” and “paper free”.   Read More ..


I enjoy building small electronics projects at home.

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Photogrophy is one of my favorite hobbies to relax.

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I love being in nature, which also gives me plenty of opportunity to whip out the camera.

My Favorite Youtube Video's

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Contact Me

Gideon Schoonbee

Email: portfolio@mortolio.com

Location: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa



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